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Top 10 Vacation Rentals with Striking Architectural Design

imageArchitecture can be defined as a way tofulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends.”It’s a way for an artist to accomplish basic needs or to leave their mark in the world. Our diverse selection of vacation rentals is riddled with striking architectural designs sure to catch your eye.

In the vacation rental industry, we see both practical and expressive elements. I would suggest practical elements are far more common than expressive elements, but as time evolves so does our aesthetic perception. In the modern age, we see more exposed natural elements. It’s as though architects have stepped into the chef’s kitchen and walked away knowing less is more…. Where there was once a wall to separate the kitchen from common quarters, there is nothing but thin air to make a home feel larger or encourage engagement between individuals. The aged wood of an old barn is now the load-bearing beam of a room. The list of styles goes on and is directly dependent on the vacation rentals purpose: to serve a utilitarian purpose in a practical way, to please the aesthetic eye through one’s expressiveness, or to create a hybrid between the two.

Because we may see more practical elements than expressive elements, our SkyRun locations have helped compile 10 vacation rentals with striking architectural designs to highlight expressive elements. 


Original author: will@skyrun.com (Will Beihoffer)
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